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The Best of the Food Menu

When I go to Spirits, I know I’m getting value.  I’m also getting a unique take on a traditional meal.  I’ve chosen to highlight some of those exceptional meals here in a way that will help you understand, that you can get great food at Spirits; and not have to break the bank.

The Old Colonial

The reason I like the Old Colonial so much is because it is, what a mushroom and swiss, is not.  A mushroom and swiss burger usually features mushrooms smothered in swiss cheese.  But it lacks the American burger elements that make the idea appealing in the first place.  Americans love bacon on a burger.  But most often, chefs pair bacon with cheddar cheese– and it offsets the mushrooms– if they have them at all.  To put bacon with mushrooms requires white cheese.  But not swiss– provolone.  And that’s what the Old Colonial is, an effort to cater a burger to American taste.  After you’re finished, you’ll feel good about it too.  It’s truly a Spirits classic.


Steak & Cheese Sub

This Steak & Cheese sub is sure to please.  It’s piled high with marinated steak, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  It’s finished with sauteed onions, green peppers and mushrooms and served with melted provolone cheese.  It’s hard to do a Philly wrong, and you certainly know when someone does it right.  Like this place.  I can almost taste how jam-packed this sub is, and I’m sure anyone who orders it will feel that Spirits does Philly right–Old Town Fredericksburg style.


Virginia Ham Burger

This burger has a half pound of beef with deli-sliced Virginia Ham, melted cheddar, and tangy Bar-B-Que sauce.  Its a burger you can only find in the South, a burger that puts an exclamation point after its name.


Spirits Nachos

Spirits Nachos are a mountain of tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, chili, black olives, lettuce, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole.  These nachos are  truly a sight to behold, and quite frankly– should be considered more entree than appetizer.  If you’re here for the big game– this is what you should order.


Our Beverage List

Fat Tire
Magic Hat
Shock Top
Sam Adam’s Winter Lager
Bud Light
Miller Light
Coor’s Light


Coor’s Light
Miller Light
Bud Light
Rolling Rock
Corona Light
Michelob Ultra
Red Stripe
Sierra Nevada
High Life
Heineken Lite
Angry Orchard


For More Information on Select Labels:



Yuengling is one of those beers, that has been popular in Virginia for decades. But why? It has the taste of a lager, but it also has complexity that drives your taste buds wild, with flavors of almond and a faint hint of spice. For most Virginians, Yuengling is their beer. It isn’t hard to see why.

Shock Top

Shock Top is a strong, thick, wheat beer that doesn’t taste like a wheat beer at all. It’s got the heart of a lager, and is perfect with an orange slice. It’s hoppy too with a bold taste.  Make sure it’s on your list of things to try.  We like Shock Top a lot, and we hope you do too.

Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard promises drinkers to take them back to the days before beer, when brewers brewed cider instead. Angry Orchard comes in a variety of cider flavors to choose from. While researching I selected the Crisp Apple variety and noticed that it had crisp fruit flavors with a bit of dryness to it. Surely an interesting combo. But one I’d want to try.

Location, Hours & Contact Info

Spirits is located at 816 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Wednesday:  11AM – 6 PM

Thursday & Saturday:  11 AM – 9 PM

Bar Hours of Operation:

Monday & Tuesday: 3:30 PM – Close

Wednesday – Sunday: 12 PM – Close

Phone Number:





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Beer on Tap at Spirits.





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Spirits outdoors at night.



Pizza is one of Spirits' food items.



The dining room is great for casual dining.