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Enjoy a Casual, Unbeatable Atmosphere at Spirits Lounge

Spirits’ Lounge is the perfect hometown bar: with friendly bartenders, unbeatable prices, great specials, and a welcoming atmosphere.  It’s the perfect way to relax or unwind after a tough day.  It’s a win-win: friendly service meets great prices.  Spirits has a wide selection of beer on draft, tons of bottles to choose from, and great prices on liquor.


Ghost Stories?

There are many facets to the architecture of the building we know as Spirits.  For one, there is a tunnel leading from the basement of the building’s office that leads under the city and out into the Rappahannock River.  Rumor has it that it was used as a tunnel as a passageway for supplies during the Civil War.

In more recent times, a bartender, alone in the building, cleaning up after a busy night heard noises on the third floor.  Knowing that she was the only person in the building, she approached the stairs to the third floor, curiously.  Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the hinged doors flew open, and a cold chill ran down her spine as she witnessed a white figure flow through her and down the stairs.  It disappeared as it reached the second floor.  The employee turned in immediate notice and never set foot in the building again.


Rent the 3rd Floor Party Room for Your Next Special Occasion

The banquet room on the 3rd Floor can be rented out for your next Special Occasion.  Seating 50 people, it’s the perfect place to serve your guests, in a historic and elegant building.  There’s so much history to 816 Caroline Street, and that history is a perfect accompaniment to your next big event.  The 3rd Floor Party Room is geared for big parties, such as birthday parties, office parties, and holiday parties. It has its own bar and bathroom facilities.

For More Information:

Call Jim at 540-379-8352


Bar Hours of Operation

Monday & Tuesday:  3:30 PM – Close

Wednesday – Sunday:  12 PM – Close

We have an outdoor patio for smokers.

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