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Spirits is located at 816 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Hours of Operation:

Sunday : 11 AM – 6 PM
Monday – Thursday : 11 AM – 8 PM

Thursday , Friday, Saturday:  11 AM – 9 PM

Bar Hours of Operation:

Monday & Tuesday: 3:30 PM – Close

Wednesday – Sunday: 12 PM – Close

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All major credit cards accepted.


Spirits’ Old Town Fredericksburg History & Tradition

The building that Spirits now occupies was the scene of a massive fire that began on April 22, 1822.  The building was then occupied by John Wellford.  Before the blaze was put out it had consumed all of the buildings in the square, in total 7 stores and dwellings.  The only exception being the Farmer’s Hotel.  After 2 years, the building was turned into a dwelling house by John Wigglesworth, who was said to be a good friend of George Washington.


The fires of 1807 and 1822 were not the only blazes to strike 816 Caroline Street.  In 1981 a couple bought and renovated the building.  Taking 2 years to construct the dining room, the fire destroyed the entire downstairs only two weeks before the opening.


Once again, 816 Caroline Street is alive and well to be enjoyed by all who cross its threshold!  The fires of 1807 and 1822 paved the way for the look for Fredericksburg today.  By the burning of the old wooden colonial buildings, they were replaced by the current architectural style.  It is common for visitors from Great Brittan to comment on “how English it looks”.


The restaurant and bar we know today as Spirits was founded in 1992, as an uncomplicated, truly American restaurant for downtown Fredericksburg, VA.  Since then Spirits has served Fredericksburg natives, visitors, and guests with terrific cooking, great prices– and a Cheers atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else in town.  It keeps more money in your pocket, and is easy to get to.  Make sure you make Spirits your first stop, when you next visit Old Town Fredericksburg, VA.



Spirit’s is Fredericksburg’s Answer to High Prices

If you’re out looking for a restaurant in Old Town Fredericksburg, (sometimes called “downtown”), you have a lot of options.  There’s a variety of restaurants with price and style to match any budget and taste.  But what’s most important?  In today’s world, the most important thing about a restaurant is value.  What will it cost to feed your family and what do you get for your money?


At Spirits You Can Have it Both Ways

Most of the time low cost or reasonably priced meals don’t taste good.  It’s almost like there’s a trade-off.  It seems people think that if they get a reasonably priced meal, it won’t taste good.  On the other hand, people also think that if they get something that tastes good, they’ll break the bank.  The frustrating thing for many is that they can’t have it both ways.  But that’s not always true.  If you come to Spirits, you CAN ave it both ways.  Spirits is downtown Fredericksburg’s low cost answer for restaurant dining.  With Spirits, Old Town is taken care of with good food– at reasonable prices.


What’s Cookin’?

Here’s an overview of their menu.  They have hamburgers and fries that are anything but ordinary.  If you’ve ever wanted to try a Pizza Burger– Spirits has one. They serve sandwiches and subs– even wraps.  They have a variety of side choices too– including onion rings.  For appetizers they’ve got potato skins, Quesadillias, Mozzarella Sticks and the Spirits’ famous Nachos– just to name a few.  The best part is, most menu items are $10 or less.  Think about this: for the cost of a fast food burger combo– you could sit down at a table and eat.  And you won’t just be eating– you’ll be eating well.




Located at 816 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, Spirits is easy to find if you’re familiar with the Fredericksburg area.  If you’re from out of town, we’ll have step by step directions that you can follow as well as a Google Map.  Spirits is in historic downtown or “old town” Fredericksburg, VA on Caroline Street.



Parking is easiest in the free public lots on Sophia Street.  Street parking is available also, but keep in mind that you have to make sure your car is within the lines of the space, or you will get a ticket.

During most of the year, parking is restricted to 2 hours– and no meters.  However, for the Holiday Season in 2012, the city has extended the parking times to 4 hours for added convenience.  There are lots of places to park– plenty of options.

On this page, we’ll show you how to get to Spirits in downtown Fredericksburg, VA.


From the South:


1.  Take Route 1 North Past the Hospital to Princess Anne Street

2.  Make a Right Turn onto Princess Anne Street

3.  Follow Princess Anne Street to William Street

4.  Make a left on William Street, following William to Sophia Street.

5.  Make a Right Turn on Sophia Street.

6.  Park on Sophia Street, walk to Spirits at 816 Caroline Street (the next block over), Fredericksburg, VA 22401.


From the North:


1.  Take Route 17 South towards to Falmouth Bridge.

2.  Connect with Route 1 and drive over the Bridge.

3.  Make a Left Turn onto Princess Anne Street

4.  Make a Left onto William Street

5.  Make a right turn on Sophia Street.

6.  Park on Sophia Street, walk to Spirits at 816 Caroline Street, (the next block over) Fredericksburg, VA 22401.


From the West:


1:  Follow Route 3 East towards Fredericksburg passing the Mall and Central Park.

2.  Make a Left Turn onto William Street, and follow it all the way down to Sophia Street.

3.  Make a Right Turn onto Sophia Street, and park.

4.  Spirits is at 816 Caroline Street (the next block over) Fredericksburg, VA 22401.


Highway Directions:


1.  Take Exit 130A, which will put you on Route 3.  Don’t take 130B– it will send you the wrong way.

2.  Follow Route 3 to William Street and hang a Left.

3.  Follow William Street down to Sophia, and make a Right onto Sophia.

4.  Park on Sophia, and walk to Spirits at 816 Caroline Street (the next block over) Fredericksburg, VA 22401.


Spirits’ Google Map:
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Spirits lounge upstairs.




This burger and fries costs around $7.




When the sun goes down, Spirtis in downtown Fredericksburg, VA is a popular attraction.




Spirits Nachos are one of a kind for Fredericksburg, VA




Pizza at Spirits is a favorite anytime.




One of the two fireplaces that Spirits currently has.




Spirits has a cozy, uncomplicated atmosphere.

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